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  1. Book of My MotherBook of My Mother by Albert Cohen
    My rating: 3 of 5 stars

    Book of My Mother is a book from a neglectful son to his mother. The son, who didn't really think much of his mother, sudenly feel lost and empty after his mother's dead. This book is a compilation of Albert Cohen's contemplations of his late mother.

    I love Albert's choice of language or it was Bella Cohen's translation to be exact. It was beautiful and strong. Showing a deep regret of a son who didn't spend enough time and energy to love his mother when she was alive.

    This is a perfect book for everybody. It will make you think of your mother, especially if you have a strong connection with her. Thank you for Archipelago Books who gave this book to me through Goodreads' giveaway. Such a beautiful and must read book.

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