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  1. The Most Ferocious of CreaturesThe Most Ferocious of Creatures by Chris Sykes
    My rating: 2 of 5 stars

    Title: The Most Ferocious of Creatures
    Author: Chris Sykes
    Publisher: -
    Num. of pages: 122 pages
    Published: June 2014

    Mrs Lambsbottom wakes up one morning and accidentally douses a mouse with milk, unwittingly creating the most ferocious of creatures. She decides to rid her home of the terrible beast but Mrs Lambsbottom is not the most mentally stable of characters. Neither is the cat that she brings home from ‘Meow’s Cat Shelter for the criminally insane’.

    All the ingredients mix together ensuring a stupendously silly story satisfyingly stuffed with suitable story related things and, er, stuff.

    Packed full of funny pieces of incredibly relevant information, although perhaps not always factual, The Most Ferocious of Creatures will have you smiling.


    One day, the 87 years-old Mrs. Lambsbottom poured a pan of milk all over Colin the mice. And, as we all know (or not), a "Milk soaked mice are the most ferocious of creature and this one was no different." (page 20). Hence, the usual calm morning of Mrs. Lambsbottom changed into a hetic cat and mouse game.

    I won this book from Goodreads' giveaway. It took almost 2 months for the book to arrive at my place. Well, at least it arrived. Thank you to the author, Chris Sykes, for the book.

    I'm going to admit that I didn't really enjoy the book. I like the silliness of the story (a milk soaked mice, a vegetarian cat, and criminally insane cats? C'mon.), but the story felt unfocused. I thought it was gonna be about Mrs. Lambsbottom trying to get rid of the mouse, but I was wrong. It turned out to be something else, with several sub-stories that sometimes didn't really contribute to the main story. The ending... how could it turned that way? It had no hints whatsoever. A deus ex machina out of nowhere.

    The writing was oke. It was light and easy to digest, suitable for children. It was repetitive and used too many adverbs for my liking though.

    Overall, I didn't really like it. I like the premise, but not the execution. Maybe it will be a fun book for children. So, give it a try. One and a half stars for me.

    This book is for the following reading challenge:
    - 2015 Lucky No. 15 Reading Challenge

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