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  1. Unboxing Giveaway's Gift

    Wednesday, February 3, 2016

    Two days ago, I received a packet and to my surprise, it came all the way from Australia. In my head, I knew it must be one of my giveaway books that I won months ago, but I didn't know which book finally arrived.

    The packet

    When I opened the box, the book was wrapped by bubblewrap and a black paper with an eye sticker on it.

    The inside

    It was a book by Narrative Disorder. What could it be?

    The eye

    It was "As Long as She Lives" by Darcy Conroy!

    As Long as She Lives - Darcy Conroy

    I won the book back on October 2015. It took 3 months for the book to arrive. I'm glad it finally came in one piece :).

    Thank you so much to the author, Darcy Conroy, Narrative Disorder, and Goodreads. I'll read the book ASAP. 

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    1. Biondy said...

      Pas buka sempat bingung itu gambar apaan :))

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