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  1. Brave New WorldBrave New World by Aldous Huxley
    My rating: 3 of 5 stars

    From Goodreads:
    "Aldous Huxley's mighty novel of a soulless, streamlined Eden is the twentieth century's most brilliant, profound and terrifying evocation of the future our civilization may be creating. BRAVE NEW WORLD is Huxley's prophetic vision of natural man in an unnatural world, where freedom lies dead and all our concepts of morality are forgotten - an open-eyed, shocking look at a frighteningly possible tomorrow."

    Brave New World is the December book for Indonesians Who Love English Books read-along. Since the theme is science-fiction, I decided to join the party.

    The book is somewhat creepy in its own way. Looking at the world Aldous Huxley created, I always feel as if I'm looking at the world today. The self-indulgence over morality or how people like new things and forsake the old eventhough the new doesnt necessarily better than the old. They sound familiar...

    Although I enjoy the book I have to admit that there are points where I have difficulty to read it. The constantly changing POV and change of story line hurdled me all the way. I took quite a long time for a 175 pages book. I felt like reading Mrs. Dalloway all over again.

    A great book to read. Many things to think now. I think I'm going to read the supplementary book explaining about this book so i could grasp more about the concept Huxley offered.

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