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  1. So, I just checked out a blog which hosts 2 reading challenges that I'm doing this year. The blog was To my surprise, the blog was already deleted for unknown reason. This got me confused.

    I really like The Keywords Reading Challenge, where the participants were asked to read book(s) with keyword(s) in the title. Since the blog was deleted, so did the page which contained the keywords. Luckily a google search brought me to and the keywords. So here I post the words I got from that blog. It is more as a reminder for myself though.

    Another reading challenge that the blog hosted was the "Nerdy Non-Fiction Reading Challenge". This also contained categories of books participants might chose. Haven't google this one, so I don't know if anyone copied the categories to their blog, but I think I'll just make my own topic if I can't find one.

    I wish I know why the blog was deleted and whether the blog will return with different address in the future or not. Anyway, I'm determined to finish the reading challenges. I need to pick up my Nerdy Non-Fiction pace then. :)) 

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