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  1. It's 2013 already, huh? This year I'll be busy reading a lot of books since I registered for NINE reading challenges! That's a lot of read, but it's always fun to challenge yourself.

    I know that I haven't read my January pick for the Monthly Key Word Challenge, but I guess I'm up for my next month pick. And the key words for February are...

    And my book is: Camar Biru -Nilam Suri 

    The title "Camar Biru" means "Blue Gull" or "Blue Seagull". Since there is a key word "animal" and since the key word is open for a tweak, I guess Gull/Seagull belongs to the "animal" key word, right?

    So, that is my pick for February. Will post my review for January's book as soon as I read it.

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