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  1. FairishFairish by Esti Kinasih
    My rating: 4 of 5 stars

    Title: Fairish
    Author: Esti Kinasih
    Publisher: PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama
    Pages: 312 pages
    Published: 2004

    Fairish, known as Irish, a short, not-famous girl in her high school. Her usual life changes when Davi, the new boy at school, asks her to be his pretend-to-be girlfriend.

    Davi who reveals his dark past to Irish needs Irish as a fortress, both from his past and from the girls at school who are crazy about him. Irish, who feels pity to him, agree. From that moment on, Irish's life starts to turn upside down.

    Fairish is one of the most famous teenlit in Indonesia. Not only the novel has been reprinted several times, it also had been turned into film and TV serial. Despite all the heat about this book, I never read it until today.

    I must say, I'm surprised that I really enjoyed this book. I'm not into teenlit now as I did several years ago, so it surprised me that the book was still enjoyable.

    I like the characters. I like the chemistry between Irish and Davi. Though sometimes Davi is scary, especially when he is angry.

    The story was cute and it reminds me of a lighter version of Dan Hujan Pun Berhenti. Yeah, I know. This book was written way earlier than "Dan Hujan Pun Berhenti", but I read that book first.

    However good the story is, I think the hype about Davi as a new hot boy at school is too much. I mean, when he moves, all the girls are obsessed about him and do crazy things to get his attention. That part is just a little bit over the top for me.

    Overall, I enjoy the story and I could see why this book is really famous.

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    - 2013 What's in A Name Reading Challenge
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    - 2013 Indonesian Romance Reading Challenge

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