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  1. Dylan, I Love You!Dylan, I Love You! by Stephanie Zen
    My rating: 3 of 5 stars

    Title: Dylan, I Love You!
    Author: Stephanie Zen
    Publisher: PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama
    Pages: 296 pages
    Year published: 2007

    What do you get if you have Australian, Indonesian, and Chinese blood run inside your body?

    Maybe this...

    or this...

    or maybe this?

    wait, sorry. My bad. I mean, this...

    That's not the case with Alice. Alice has the Australian-Chinese-Indonesian blood run in her vein, but she is not beautfiul at all. Her look is half Asian, half Australian. Making her struggle to fit in. Her look is too Australian for Indonesia and too Indonesia (Asian) for Australia.

    Despite of her not-so-pretty look, she has an easygoing and friendly personality and with a little luck, she becomes Dylan's girlfriend.

    Here is the thing with Dylan. Not only he is handsome, he is also the leading vocalist for a famous band named "Skillful". He is so famous that he has his own fan base who call themselves "Dylanders".

    Being a celeb's girlfriend is never easy. Especially if your boyfriend has fans obsessed enough that she wants to separate you from him, even if that means you have to die.

    If you were in Alice's shoes, what will you do?

    My second teenlit in a row. I must admit that I also enjoyed this one. Not as much as I enjoyed Fairish though.

    I think the writing and the story were fine. It was quite light that I could finish it in 1.5 days.

    The only thing I hate about this book is the font. My critic goes to the font used in Alice's storyline. I wasn't comfortable with the font choice, though it makes the two storylines (Alice's and Dylan's) easily distinguished.

    This book is for the following reading challenges:
    - 2013 New Authors Reading Challenge
    - 2013 What's in A Name Reading Challenge
    - 2013 TBR Pile Reading Challenge
    - Indonesian Romance Reading Challenge

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  2. 4 comments :

    1. Nana said...

      Aarrgh udah pengen baca novel ini sama Dear Dylan tau2 rental depan kampus tutup aja gituh. Grrr.. mana duit deposit gue belom dibalikin!!! *curhat*
      Anyway, penasaran baca karya2 Stephanie Zen setelah baca One Last Chance beberapa waktu lalu. Kayaknya lumayan seru.

    2. Biondy said...

      waah... kejam juga tempat sewa bukunya. menghilang tiba2 :|

      semoga bisa nemu buku ini di tempat sewa lainnya :D
      dan saya juga jadi pengen baca One Last Chance setelah baca buku ini.

    3. Hahaha lucuuu reviewnya! Asli ngakak gara-gara lihat foto Mpol Nori! Thanks ya udah baca :)

    4. Biondy said...

      @Stephanie Zen: Sama-sama. Thanks for stopping by :)

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