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  1. Hitam Putih EmilianoHitam Putih Emiliano by Sania Puteri Rasyid
    My rating: 1 of 5 stars
    Title: Hitam Putih Emiliano
    Author: Sania Puteri Rasyid
    Publisher: Grasindo
    Pages: 321 pages
    Published: 2008



    Exactly how I feel about this book. But first, let me explain about the book and its title. "Hitam Putih Emiliano" could be translated as "The Black and White of Emiliano". It follows the story of Emiliano, a 42 years old man, who falls in love with Karenina, an 18 years old girl. Karenina who is also head over heel with Emiliano, agrees to go out with him. As the story progress, people from Emiliano's past start to pop in and reveal secret after secret.


    The two memes above represent what I feel about this book. It is too good for a 1-star, but it's not good enough (for me) for a 2-stars. The start of the book was ok. It was interesting to see how Emiliano and Karenina's relationship develop. I could feel that a great story will follow.

    Well, a great story did follow. But it was more about the number of characters, POVs, and storylines. The book doesn't only follow Emiliano and Karenina's POVs. It also follows Emiliano's families (his sister, brother, ex-wife, daughter), Emiliano's co-workers, and even Karenina's brother and her friend x crush.

    While all those voices did link each other, sometimes I found them to be "annoying" and unnecessary. For example, I think Emily's love storyline wasn't that important to be shown (Emily is Emiliano's illegitimate daughter). I also think that there are too many coincidences in how the characters are actually related to each other.

    Finally, I didn't like the ending. I don't want to spoil the ending, but, duh. It was just... I just didn't like how the writer finished the story.

    Back to the rating. I wanted to give 1.5 stars for this book, but since Goodreads doesn't have half-star system, I'll give 1 star due to the ending and the fact that there were many pages I skipped and skimmed.

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