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  1. Think, Tinka!Think, Tinka! by ivana simanungkalit
    My rating: 2 of 5 stars

    Title: Think, Tinka!
    Author: Ivana Simanungkalit
    Publisher: GagasMedia
    Pages: vii+230 pages
    Published: 2007

    "Think, Tinka!" follows the story of Tinka, a girl who is still in love with her long best friend x crush, Lunar. Their story started when they were in junior high school and continues all the way until 8 years later. As both sides are too afraid to develop their feelings, Tinka decides to move on and erase her feeling over Lunar.

    I think the book is ok. I like the theme of moving on with one's life and I like how the writer concludes the story.

    However, some parts are quite boring and the atmosphere of the story was never strong enough to pull me into the story.

    This book is for the following reading challenges:
    - 2013 TBR Pile
    - 2013 Indonesian Romance
    -2013 What's in A Name Reading Challenge

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